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SCBWI Japan Regional Team

SCBWI Japan Regional Team Roles for 2015


The SCBWI Japan Regional Team roles have shifted slightly for 2015. Holly Thompson and Mariko Nagai will now serve as Co-Regional Advisors (Co-RAs), and for the time being SCBWI Japan will not have an Assistant Regional Advisor (ARA) although this position may be filled in the future. Naomi Kojima continues to serve as the SCBWI Japan Illustrator Coordinator (IC) and Avery Fischer Udagawa continues to serve as Translator Coordinator (TC). 




Other SCBWI Japan key volunteers include Gerri Sorrells who handles venue reservations and manages the main listserv; Suzanne Kamata who assists with publicity; Misa Dikengil Lindberg who edits this blog; and Patrick Gannon who serves as our webmaster. We'd like to recognize the following SCBWI Japan volunteers for providing assistance with planning and running events, writing blog posts, and completing various administrative tasks: Izumi Tanaka, Yoko Yoshizawa, Sako Ikegami, Deborah Iwabuchi, Colleen Sakurai, JP McCormick, Shilpe Agashe, Li-hsun Tu, and Doug Brittain. 

The SCBWI Japan Regional Team looks forward to working with and being inspired by members and friends of SCBWI Japan in the coming year.