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SCBWI Japan Showcase 2021 and Recording

On April 9, thirteen members of SCBWI Japan presented SCBWI Japan Showcase 2021: Recent and Forthcoming Member Works. At this virtual event, writers, illustrators and translators shared their books’ backgrounds and summaries; glimpses of their processes; a peek at reader guides and related activities; and more.
You can now view the two-hour SCBWI Japan Showcase 2021 video recording, with the full transcript. Register here to watch this free Zoom recording.
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Books featured in the SCBWI Japan Showcase 2021 

The Showcase is a rich and varied two-hour program, featuring works by thirteen SCBWI Japan member authors, illustrators, and translators, from picture books and middle-grade to YA fiction and nonfiction—sixteen books in all.
 Presenters and the books featured in this Showcase 2021 video are as follows, in order of presentation:
1. Avery Fischer Udagawa: Temple Alley Summer, written by Sachiko Kashiwaba, illustrated by Miho Satake, translated by Avery Fischer Udagawa (Restless Books, 2021)
2. Suzanne Kamata: Pop Flies, Robo-pets, and Other Disasters by Suzanne Kamata, illustrated by Tracy Nishimura Bishop (One Elm Books, 2020); Indigo Girl (Gemma Media, 2019) by Suzanne Kamata.
3. Kazumi Wilds: Kojiki: The Birth of Japan written and illustrated by Kazumi Wilds (Tuttle, 2019).
4. Cathy Hirano: The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi, translated by Cathy Hirano (Pushkin Press UK, 2018; Henry Holt USA 2019), The Beast Warrior by Nahoko Uehashi, translated by Cathy Hirano (Pushkin Press UK, 2020; Henry Holt USA, 2020).
5. Naomi Kojima: Tetsuko Puu written and illustrated by Naomi Kojima (Kaisei-sha, 2020)
6. Andrew Wong: The World’s Poorest President Speaks Out by Yoshimi Kusaba, illustrated by Gaku Nakagawa, translated by Andrew Wong (Enchanted Lion Books, 2020)
7. Deborah Iwabuchi: Reflections on Stolen Youth Compiling editors: Naomi Kitagawa and Motomi Murota; Photographer: Yuriko Ochiai; Translator: Deborah Iwabuchi (Korocolor, 2020)
8. Holly Thompson: One Wave at a Time by Holly Thompson, illustrated by Ashley Crowley (Albert Whitman, 2018)
9. Emily Balistrieri: Soul Lanterns by Shaw Kuzki, translated by Emily Balistrieri (Delacorte, 2021), and Kiki’s Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono, translated by Emily Balistrieri (Delacorte, 2020)
10. Hitomi Otani: Be Yourself, Baba! written and illustrated by Hitomi Otani (Scholastic Asia, 2019)
11. Kiyo Tanaka: Kuroino written and illustrated by Kiyo Tanaka (2018)
12. Mariko Nagai: Under the Broken Sky (MacMillan/Christy Ottaviano Books, 2019)
13. Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu: Beyond Me [presented by Avery Fischer Udagawa] (Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books, 2020)
Register here to watch the video. We hope you’ll watch, enjoy and share this SCBWI Japan Showcase event!